Eternal Search...

Well I had thought of writing up a detailed description of this amazing day that was... but Madhu 'Aunty' came up with such a fantastic write up that I dont think I can do any better than that. I must say that after reading that I could relive the day all over again with all its excitment...

Read the write up and you can feel what every one who attended the jubilee Anttak meet is raving about !!

By the way ... Anttak is official now with its own logo to boast of... Here it is :


gud yaar...kaafi BRIEF tha...aur brief ho sakta tha!!!:P bt seri speaking, it seems u guys hd loads of fun @d farm house...!!

bhai kabi humare blog pe bi darshan de diya karo!!

Hi Ashish,
I missed your version of the celeb...no probs.
I just visited Shikha's blog.
Hey..too good yaar, she has really done a pretty good job!!
Very nicely presented and very straight forward..way to go boss!
I was reminded of my school days...
Both of you please do keep writing..both have a good flair of writing..
With warm regards,