Eternal Search...

First things first...It's a brand new year again...so wishing you a very Happy New Year...2009.

I had to write this one!! There was a very special motivation and also a special occasion. The motivation was by my dear Priya Aunty( oh..Shes just so adorable !!) and the occasion was the 
silver Jubilee of Anttak...

Yeah Anttak ,the group I have been constantly raving about is now 25. 25 means that it has now completed 25 meets of singing , dancing, masti and frolic. And it doesn't end ther
e, Anttak is alive and going strong. The
 energy and enthusiasm of its members is ever increasing and a pa
rt of it was amazingly evident at the 25th show.

To start something as novel as Anttak was noteworthy but to sustain it over 4 years keeping the vigor and zest alive is a feat in itself. I feel privileged to be a part of this group, feels as if am part of something historic in the making. Am I exaggerating? Well who knows, but what I know is that Anttak is chart
ing its own path.

What started as a platform for a group of families to pursue their hobby of singing has now grown into a group for the 'Performing Arts & Entertainment'. Loosely speaking it is now about Song , dance, masti , music and party full on with an additional 'Age No Bar' tag line. 
Well, I am sure of the age of the youngest member who is a 4 month old baby(In Pic). 

About the older folks , no body knows their real ages. When a 45 year old is dancing as well as an 18 year old, age has no option but to go and take a hike...Am sure kids just love to see their mom and dad dancing their heart out.Nobody is or wanna be a grown up here. 

And the kids, well they are the life of these parties. Don't think the kids would be fooling around and worrying their parents. They come equally armed , ready to surprise everybody with their flair. There are some very special kids , I just love to watch performing. Every time , I have an expectation about how their performance will be and everytime they tend to better that. Seeing them sing , dance with such perfection and dedication, I can't help but think about the amazing future these kids would have in store. Kids like Kirtana, Kaushik, Ramya, Ramita,Geetika, Siddharth,Bharat, Akshay and Khushi  bring a cool zing to the party.

Now about the group itself. With 25 successful meets under its belt , Anttak is now a name , a brand for it's members. Every body associated takes pride in the common link which binds them all, and that is Anttak. The blog was always there to showcase what all is hip and happening in the group but now things have an official air about them. Wanna now why? Anttak has a beautifully designed logo to boast of now. 
and Now we can show off the Anttak T shirts , coffee mugs and other accessories 

The group's got its own blog Anttak and now it has its own logo too. The T-shirts everybody wore at the silver jubilee function came complete with the logo of Anttak and brand Anttak was everywhere to be seen.